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You’ll find it’s the little things that make your big day so memorable. 

It may be a tender kiss, a loving glance or shared moment.  I'll ensure you'll feel relaxed and at ease, able to enjoy your day more and have better memories knowing it's all being taken care of by an experienced full-time professional wedding photographer who cares about you and what you want..

I believe that what makes my wedding service special - aside from great photography - is my attitude.  I'm a modern photographer who understands that it is your day and I want you to enjoy it as much as possible. This means I try not to shout or order your guests around and I endeavour to not get in the way or be intrusive.  I have a relaxed approach that means that whilst I'm keen to share my ideas and experience having shot well over 200 weddings, I wouldn't ever suggest a style of photography that you don't really want.

How do I do this? I listen to you, pay attention to your body language and make sure that you know that on your wedding day you are in charge and what I do is completely up to you.  Whether you want lots of group shots or prefer mostly informal capture-the-moment photos I'm happy to adjust to suit your preferences.  I will always meet you before your wedding, preferably at your venue and have a walk through of what we'll do on your big day. I take some photos as we have a wander around which are yours to keep afterwards.

On the wedding day itself I set no upper limit on the number of photographs I take - it's whatever the individual wedding demands.  Normally for a wedding with coverage from bridal preparations to first dance that means you will end up receiving at least 300 photos, and normally a lot more.

All photographs you received are individually processed and edited by me to ensure they look their best; I generally perform what I call non-invasive photoshop work - I try and keep things look natural and real. In practical terms this means colours are enhanced, skies made more blue or more dramatic, spots are erased, signs removed and photos are cropped/straightened improved in any way I feel it needs. As a matter of course I will make some photos black & white; but I'll also give you colour versions.

I design your album; show you what I've come up with and then re-design as necessary, taking into account your tastes and favourite pictures. I can show you pages in black and white or in colour, with one image or many... or I can do it all for you and you can simply wait for the finished, gorgeous product to arrive!