Fairfield Photographic | Anglesey - Kate & Hywel album designs

Sides 51&52 - dancing in B&W version 1 - to end the album.Sides 49&50. Dancing in colour!So, onto sides 3&4 of the album. There are two versions, this with black background and the next with white.  Most of the album has white but I liked this page with black! There's no right or wrong, jSides 5&6.Sides 7&8.Sides 11 & 12Sides 9&10.Sides 13 &14Sides 17&18.Sides 21 &22.Sides 23 & 24Sides 25&26 - back at the marquee, first of two pages of details and guests mingling.Sides 27 &28. My wife loves this page :)Sides 33&34.First of three variants with you both in the fields. I like each in different ways; my wife likes v3 (17b) best.Sides 35 & 36.Sides 41&42 - the bouquet toss and the ushers/bridesmaids.Sides 39 & 40. Kate's family & other groups...next page is bouquest toss, after that Boucher family and some others.Sides 45 & 46, first of two possible "by the Menai straits" options.Sides 43&44 - Hywel's family and the boys, plus the two headed girl confetti shot!